building confidence through reading

Why Should We Read?

Artemis Skye McNeil August 14, 2018

Building confidence through reading

Reading books is the easiest way for you to circumnavigate the world and a good practice to fully understand yourself. Books introduce you to people, to new ideas, to familiar and strange sentiments, and to different places.

Whil . . .

making connections through poetry therapy

Making Connections through Poetry

Artemis Skye McNeil August 7, 2018

Everyone needs poetry therapy

Poetry are like the black ants that march in the streets all day, striving to survive. Poetry is like riding in a bus with a stranger who suddenly fell asleep and leaned on your shoulder. Poetry is the art of linking your love for creative expression with truth.

Anyone could be a poet because each person has a story to tell. . . .

telling stories through photography

Photography That Inspires Poem

Artemis Skye McNeil July 31, 2018

Telling stories through photography

Pictures are poems in the absence of words. Every picture has a story to tell. It preserves the moments and emotions that are worth keeping and remembering during the moment it was taken.

The pictures and artwork in Artemis Skye McNeil’s Her Wilde Heart is her personal photography exhibit, except for the two . . .

poetry book that feeds the soul presenting great truth beauty wisdoma

A Poetry Book That Feeds the Soul

Artemis Skye McNeil July 24, 2018

Poetry presents great truth, beauty, and wisdom

Artemis Skye McNeil fell in love with words and music at a very young age. During her third year in primary school, her passion for creative writing started. She joined and won short story competitions, spelling bees, and essay-writing contests.

When she turned 16, she engaged herself in the world of theater an . . .

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