Why Should We Read?

Artemis Skye McNeil August 14, 2018

Building confidence through reading

building confidence through reading

Reading books is the easiest way for you to circumnavigate the world and a good practice to fully understand yourself. Books introduce you to people, to new ideas, to familiar and strange sentiments, and to different places.

While reading books is good for self-realization and to pass the time, you could also understand the world around you pretty well. This is because when you read, you are exposing yourself to new information, new problem-solving techniques, and new methods in achieving something.

In some cases, reading may fight Alzheimer’s disease. It could help you express thoughts well and help influence people to use their own thoughts. It breaks the communication barrier between two people speaking different languages.

Moreover, reading can also lower stress levels, makes you more empathetic, and it encourages positive thinking. There is also room for self-improvement and greater understanding in reading. Your critical and analytical thinking skills will be heightened because you will be introduced to situations where you will need rational thinking.

A good reader is a good writer and speaker—this is mostly true. As you learn through reading, you will understand more, making it easier and better for you to communicate with other people. You will become a good wordsmith because reading can improve your vocabulary and can also boost your creativity and imagination.

Book readers gain and build their confidence through reading. Confidence can be shown in many ways—in your behavior, body language, the way you speak, what you say, the way you react to a situation, so on and so forth. Confidence is something that you create for yourself; and in order to master confidence, you must read.

Books are great friends and mentors that you can consult whenever you are looking for something, and they are magnificent influencers too. The different worlds you experience and the knowledge you gain from reading will surely give you wisdom and confidence on how to graciously and wisely surf the waves of your life.

Artemis McNeil’s poetry book will surely inspire, motivate, and boost every readers’ creativity, confidence, and imagination. Reading her poetry has a myriad of benefits to readers, giving you immense joy and realizations about life, love, and you—as an individual.

Learn more about her on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads, or you can visit her website at Don’t forget to grab a copy of her book, Her Wilde Heart, to find bits of inspiration and motivation to help you boost your confidence. This book would be the perfect gift to a good reader like you.



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