Making Connections through Poetry

Artemis Skye McNeil August 7, 2018

Everyone needs poetry therapy

making connections through poetry therapy

Poetry are like the black ants that march in the streets all day, striving to survive. Poetry is like riding in a bus with a stranger who suddenly fell asleep and leaned on your shoulder. Poetry is the art of linking your love for creative expression with truth.

Anyone could be a poet because each person has a story to tell. The best poems are those written from experiences and a sincere heart to share the truth by embracing all your flaws and imperfections. These kinds of poems will inspire, educate, and give hope to the person who will be reading these masterpieces. But do you know that poetry reading could be therapeutic?

“What is poetry therapy?” you might ask, especially when you are still seeking for yourself. This type of therapy uses original and published spoken and written words such as poems, song lyrics, and journals from writers for healing and personal growth. Writing your thoughts is great practice for self-improvement because you will be able to find your own voice, which will build greater self-awareness and new hopes and new ideas. It is undeniable that all of us have emotional wounds to heal—and poetry is one avenue for therapy.

When you read poems, you will be aware that you are not the only one who suffers from a great pain of an unrequited love or from the struggle of looking for your own identity. When you read poems, you are making connections with the writer and with those people who have felt the same as you. There are a lot of poems published online and in papers, but one thing’s for sure—there will be a certain poem to which you could relate.

Poems educate, inspire, and give hope to the readers. Poems also define beauty not only in the physical attributes you have, rather, by who you are as a person. Beauty is always present in poetry, no matter how short or how long, or how sad or happy a poem is written because the writer is being true the moment they write. Beauty is being true to yourself. However, beauty is not the only emotion that you can read in a poem. Sometimes, poems will make you feel emotions such as anger, sadness, joy, fear, surprise, anticipation, trust. Sometimes, a poem’s tone can change depending on the reader’s emotion.

It is wrong to say that a poem is not good because it has no morals or lessons to be drawn from it. The type of poem that the writer makes depends on their voice. The beauty of poetry is that you are able to express yourself through your writing.

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