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Artemis Skye McNeil July 31, 2018

Telling stories through photography

telling stories through photography

Pictures are poems in the absence of words. Every picture has a story to tell. It preserves the moments and emotions that are worth keeping and remembering during the moment it was taken.

The pictures and artwork in Artemis Skye McNeil’s Her Wilde Heart is her personal photography exhibit, except for the two pictures credited to Squigglyword and Krystal Candler and the author’s photo and the book cover by Joseph Stevens Photography. She personally took the photos herself, but why are the photographs in her poetry book important?

Her passion for creative expression screams through her music, writing, and photography. Her Wilde Heart does not only show readers the beauty of poetry but also the photos that echo the beautiful message of each individual poem.

The book focuses on a black-and-white photography theme, highlighting the elegance of each picture.

Calligraphy is another art form she delves in, as she inserts important lines in her poems to each picture. She shares to her readers the beauty that she sees in the moments she captures.

How she turns a simple picture of a rose into a poem about love is why stories exist to inspire us. The rose in the poem and photo become a metaphor of an ordinary girl who sees her imperfections beyond the beauty that she upholds.

Ms. McNeil turns these simple photographs, coupled with her poetry, into a gallery of fine photography and art. The photography in the book is crucial because it teaches and brings forth visual critical thinking to the readers.

It portrays the abstract image of what the author is trying to deliver in the poem—whether she’s narrating love, hope, or family. Her poetry and photography is a perfect combination, where the photographs draw the outline of the story and the poems creatively fill in the rest of the story behind the picture she captures.

A photographer’s raison d’être is not about capturing the best picture; rather, it is about capturing the best moment and emotion despite its imperfections or flaws. The essence of a poet is not about writing a poem full of rhymes; rather, it is about delivering truth, beauty, and wisdom to people.

The moment you take a picture, a story, too, has been captured. Storytelling is not limited with the use of words because pictures can also tell stories. Artemis combines poems with pictures in her book, and they show that she is not only capable of playing with words but also in capturing the story that inspires her writing.

To learn more about Artemis McNeil’s work, find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, or you can visit her website at Don’t forget to grab a copy of her book, Her Wilde Heart, to find a little bit of inspiration.


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