A Poetry Book That Feeds the Soul

Artemis Skye McNeil July 24, 2018

Poetry presents great truth, beauty, and wisdompoetry book that feeds the soul presenting great truth beauty wisdoma

Artemis Skye McNeil fell in love with words and music at a very young age. During her third year in primary school, her passion for creative writing started. She joined and won short story competitions, spelling bees, and essay-writing contests.

When she turned 16, she engaged herself in the world of theater and arts. Her passion for singing was at its peak when an unfortunate accident in her later life left her incapable of singing. Her paper and pen stand witness to the voice singing within her. The person hidden inside her has since been freed through writing. Her (Oscar) Wilde Heart is her first published personal book of poetry and inspirational quotes that recognizes the different personas you carry within you. But what could the personal essence of this book be?

Artemis’s personal book is greatly influenced by the esteemed Victorian-era English author, poet, and dramatist Oscar Wilde. Wilde’s influence is heavy in Artemis’s own work. The latter inserted quotes written by the former, and she honors him in her book’s title.

Artemis became fond of hearing stories from other people. She had listened to various confessions about success, failures, and hopes along the journey. With her writing and oral narration skills, she was able to construct various pieces of art from these tales.

Each poem is rooted to an experience. Poetry is not about writing your thoughts using difficult words; rather, it is about making connections. Artemis was able to make a bridge that connects her poetry to her readers by using her personal experiences and the stories of other people as her inspiration. She presents each person’s truths through metaphors.

Her poetry gives light to the darkest room of each of our hearts. It gives strength to the person needing it. It calms the war between you and the person you want or wanted to be. This poetry compilation is Artemis’s personal memory book—a book that witnesses her experiences and the conversations she has had with other people. This book will surely shed beauty and wisdom to all people from different walks of life.

Find Artemis Skye McNeil on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. You can also visit her website at Don’t forget to grab a copy of her book, Her Wilde Heart, to find the inspiration you are looking for.

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