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Her Wilde Heart

About the Book

Cheers to those who see everything as art and appreciate everything in nature—though to some, they seem ordinary. This book is no ordinary poetry but art wrapped in paper, ready to unfold.

Artemis Skye McNeil creates a haven of words and figures for lovers of art and lovers of love. This book encourages readers to not merely read through every poem but express their own creative ideas as well.

Her Wilde Heart is divided in three parts filled with quotes from Oscar Wilde. Each poem will leave readers invigorated, lighting creative minds and reigniting passions. A book that you can bring with you when feeling down and wanting to shake off reality to taste inspiring art.

Artemis Skye McNeil

About the Author

Artemis Skye McNeil is a passionate art enthusiast, especially for creative expression in the form of music, photography, and writing. She loves words, which is why she is addicted to reading and word games. Artemis spends most of her time helping people improve their relationships and outlook in life.


You cannot drown what lives in the deep
nor set fire to what already burns.

Be relentless.
Hands cannot choke a soul.
Bones that carry an eternal burn
can never be extinguished.

If you start to doubt your own exquisite beauty, stop.
Tilt your head to the heavens. What do you see?
Is it not myriads of stars that twinkle so differently?
We do not deny any their awesomeness,
even if one should flicker
or another shoot across the sky.
From constellations to morning stars,
all different, yet all mesmerize our minds and eyes.
And remind yourself, the brightest one
you may be seeing at that moment
may no longer be there at all.
So, lift your chin up, you shining one.
In your own sparkling uniqueness, stand tall.

Not just to be read but acted on.
Believe it darling. Look up. You shine.

She is a Rose

Respect her thorns,
and the Rose shall be yours

She is a Rose in all her glory.
Love her for her beauty.
Respect her for her thorns.

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